Nissan Primera

1990-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Nissan Primera
+ Nissan Primera brand Cars
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ System of electric equipment of the engine
+ Manual transmission, differential and main transfer
+ Automatic transmission
- Coupling and power shafts
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   - Power shafts
      Removal and installation
      Repair of a power shaft
+ Brake system
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+ Onboard electric equipment
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Repair of a power shaft

Details of the disassembled power shaft with the hinge in the form of an asterisk inside

1 — a lock ring
2 — the internal hinge of equal angular speeds
3 — a lock ring
4 — a hinge asterisk

5 — coupling tapes of rubber cuffs
6 — a rubber cuff
7 — a power shaft

The hinge of equal angular speeds from a wheel, and also the sharovy hinge of the right shaft of the car with an injector to dismantling are not subject. It is possible to replace rubber cuffs only. The internal hinge of equal angular speeds of the left shaft of the injector engine, and also both shaft of the carburetor engine can be under repair, as is described below. It is also possible to disassemble the persistent bearing to replace the ball-bearing which was there if it is broken.

When dismantling the tripodny hinge act as follows, being guided by an illustration:


  1. Clamp a power shaft in a vice and remove both coupling tapes of rubber cuffs. Coupling tapes can be thrown out at once.
  2. Mark position of the case of the hinge of rather power shaft and remove from the shaft end.
  3. Holding a power shaft in a vice, as is shown in an illustration, mark with paint an asterisk and a shaft.
  4. Remove a lock ring (3) since the end of a shaft (7). A lock ring at once will throw out.
  5. Establish a power shaft under a press so that the hinge adjoined to a table of a press and выпрессуйте a shaft from an asterisk. Hold a shaft from below, differently it will fall down.
  6. Remove from a shaft a rubber cuff. Clear all details and carefully check. The asterisk of the hinge does not understand and it is necessary to replace it in a set if the needle roller bearing is broken. Check on existence of wear of a shlitsa in a hinge asterisk before establishing a detail into place. At assembly of a power shaft act as follows:
  7. Put on a shaft a new cuff a new small collar.
  8. Clamp a power shaft in a vice, using blocks.
  9. Put on a shaft a hinge asterisk according to designations (an illustration lower). If the new asterisk is used, it does not play any role. The asterisk has on the one hand capture on inside, and this party should be put on a shaft at first.

Before removal of the tripodny hinge to mark a shaft and the hinge with paint.

  1. Hammer a hinge asterisk on a shaft a legkometallichesky hammer and insert a new lock ring (3). The rounded-off party of a lock ring is turned to an asterisk.
  2. Now fill the hinge with greasing. Depending on car model amount of greasing variously. At a car shaft with the engine of 1.6 l the amount of greasing makes 175-185 g; on all other cars of 205-215 g. Press greasing into the hinge and establish a cuff.
  3. Establish a big collar and hardly pull. Then bend the end so that between it passed between brackets and bend both brackets on a tape.
  4. Stretch a cuff while the size "L" (see an illustration below) on the car with the engine of 1.6 l will not be equal 89-91 mm or on other cars of 96-98 mm. In the same way place a small collar.

To stretch a cuff on the transmission party while the size of "L" will not correspond to value in the text.

  1. The hinge of equal angular speeds of a power shaft represented on an illustration (Birfild's hinge) can be replaced as follows:
  2. If the hinge has to be replaced, remove a gear rotor of ABS system from a shaft.
  3. After weakening of both collars shift a hinge cuff back on a shaft.
  4. Take out from a groove a lock ring (8) by means of special nippers. A lock ring at once will throw out, as it should not be used the second time.
  5. Mark adjusting position of the hinge on a shaft with a felt-tip pen and remove the hinge from a shaft. If it is required to replace the hinge, it can be brought down a hammer, having clamped a shaft in a vice. Otherwise it should be brought down carefully a hammer from light metal.
  6. Carefully clear a power shaft and again clamp a shaft in a vice.
  7. Put on a rubber cuff a shaft, a big opening outside.
  8. Put on the hinge a shaft. If the same details are used, it is necessary to combine labels again.
  9. Screw an old nut of a power shaft while the end will be level with and hammer the hinge on a shaft by means of a hammer from light metal while it will be possible to latch a lock ring on inside by means of sharp flat-nose pliers.
  10. Fill the hinge with demanded amount of greasing. On the car with the engine of 1.6 l the amount of greasing makes 80-110 g, on other engines of 110-130 g.
  11. Establish a big collar and hardly pull. Then bend the end that it lay between brackets, and bend both brackets.
  12. Stretch a cuff while its length will make a preset value (see an illustration).
  13. In the same way fix a small collar. Check, that both collars fitted well.

Repair of the right shaft of the car with the injector engine

Separate details of a power shaft with the persistent bearing

1 — a bolt, 30-40 N • m
2 — a bolt, 25-35 N • m
3 — a bolt, 45-60 N • m
4 — a dustproof ring
5 — a lock ring
6 — a bolt, 16-19 N • m
7 — the basic console
8 — the case of the persistent bearing
9 — the ball-bearing

10 — a lock ring
11 — a dustproof ring
12 — an intermediate shaft
13 — a lock ring
14 — balls
15 — an internal holder of the bearing
16 — a separator
17 — cuff collars
18 — a cuff

The external hinge of this shaft has the same design, as is shown in an illustration. It also belongs and to a shaft. The end of a shaft (7) is however not in the tripodny hinge, and in the spherical hinge. On an illustration additional details of such shaft which goes the persistent bearing above are shown.


  1. Remove coupling tapes of a cuff and clear inside of a shaft and the hinge of greasing. If the shaft and the hinge gathers again (for example, at cuff replacement), mark connection by suitable image.
  2. Strongly clamp a shaft in a vice and bring down the hinge a light-alloy hammer, as is shown in an illustration below. Beat on different points of a circle.

Knocking down of the hinge of equal angular speeds.

  1. Remove the hinge and remove a rubber cuff.
  2. Wind the shaft end with a sticky tape and put on a cuff with a small collar a shaft.
  3. Fill the hinge with greasing in number of 175-185 g and establish a cuff. On the small end the cuff should fit well in a groove, apparently from an illustration. Well tighten both collars of a cuff and to fix, having bent brackets.

The cuff should fit well in a groove in a place designated by an arrow.

Replacement of the persistent bearing

The persistent bearing should be unscrewed at first from fastening before it can be disassembled.


  1. Bring down an external dustproof casing from a shaft by means of a core. Dustproof rings (4) (see an illustration) will act in film together.
  2. By means of a screw-driver take out a dustproof ring (11) of the case of the bearing and open and take out the lock ring which was under it by means of special nippers.
  3. Establish the bearing case under a press and выпрессуйте a shaft.
  4. Beat out the bearing (9) of the case. Assembly is carried out upside-down. Carefully hammer dustproof rings from both parties a small opravka, without having damaged them thus.