Nissan Primera

1990-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Nissan Primera
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Established 12 In the battery consists from six banok, containing positive and negative plates which are lowered in solution of sulfuric acid. The problem of the battery includes current production for start of the car, ignition and for lighting, and also for other consumers of the electric power.

Care of the battery

Information on service of the battery is provided in Head the Current leaving and service. From time to time it is necessary to perform the following works that the battery served more long and its capacity was supported maximum.

Always to keep the battery and details surrounding it clean. The surface of the battery should be always dry as differently between separate banks there can be superficial currents of leak because of what the battery is discharged in itself.

Level of electrolit should be constantly at a ring on the bottom party of the jellied chamber. For a dolivka to use the distilled water.

In cold weather to leave the battery in the charged condition as differently it will freeze. Slabozaryazhennye batteries freeze before the charged.

Battery check

Charging degree. The areometer is necessary for check of degree of a charging of the battery. For check remove both aspics of a level and insert the areometer into an opening. If it is required, the battery can be inclined a little (certainly, it should be removed) to reach electrolit. By means of a rubber pear gather electrolit enough that the float could float freely. Depending on degree of a charging of electrolits has different density which is determined by degree of absorption of a float in electrolit. At the indication 1.28 battery is completely charged; at the indication 1.12 battery is completely discharged. Values between them indicate the corresponding degree of a charging. Indications of the areometer are expressed in kg/l.

Removal and installation

The battery is in an impellent compartment and is screwed on the console. Before removal unscrew both cables from plugs. Always at first disconnect a weight cable.

At battery installation at first clear plugs and grease with special greasing. A positive cable connect first of all.