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1990-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Nissan Primera
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Ignition distributor

Distributor maintenance

The cover of the distributor should be cleared outside and from within through equal intervals of time to remove the deposit remains, a dust or moisture. Also clear a distributor begunok. For cleaning use a rag moistened in gasoline; thus at the same time check a cover on existence of cracks. Replace a distributor begunok if contacts are strongly worn-out.

Brass contacts by no means cannot be ground or filed. Keep external surfaces of high-voltage cables clean and dryness to guarantee normal course of a current in ignition system. Take out all wires from the distributor, clear and check contacts. Wires cannot be shortened to correct the bad ends of contacts. Always replace wires.

Removal and installation of the distributor of ignition

If the distributor acts in film from the engine, to be established it should in former situation to keep ignition adjustment. For this reason mark all elements and, without turning engine shaft, insert the distributor so that capture was established in former situation.


  1. Disconnect from a cover of the distributor of ignition cables of ignition or uncover the distributor, having wrung out spring latches.
  2. Disconnect a cable sideways the distributor and disconnect the pipeline from the vacuum device if it is connected.
  3. Turn the crankshaft that the piston of the 1st cylinder was in the provision VMT of a step of compression (see an illustration for the injector engine or an illustration for carburetor) and mark the provision of a nouse a begunka of the distributor of rather external edge of the case of the distributor, as is shown in an illustration.
The piston of the 1st cylinder is in situation VMT if the label "0" coincides with an index edge.
When the piston of the 1st cylinder is in situation VMT, the index (1) and a label "0" on a belt pulley (2) should coincide.
Before removal of the distributor (2) to carry out on the case (shooter) the line opposite the begunka (2).
  1. Weaken bolts of the distributor and take out the distributor from the engine.
  2. If the crankshaft was not turned or the distributor was not under repair, establish the distributor in former situation. If the distributor understood or established after an engine partition, it is necessary to do the following:
  3. Establish the piston of the 1st cylinder in the provision VMT of a step of compression, i.e. all valves should be closed (for this purpose uncover heads of cylinders).
  4. Turn a distributor begunok so that it rose opposite to put on an edge of the case of a label, apparently from an illustration.
  5. Insert the distributor in this situation and screw. Connect all cables and put on the distributor the vacuum pipeline.
  6. In summary check the ignition moment (The section Adjustment of the moment of ignition).

Repair of the distributor of ignition

Now repair of distributors of ignition is hardly carried out, so we will not describe work on injector and carburetor engines with the catalyst where the distributor is a part of electronic system with which it is impossible to interfere. Only the engine distributor without the catalyst can be repaired, if in a distribution network there are spare parts. The distributor has a usual design.

If the distributor is damaged seriously, it should be replaced surely.

Gap adjustment

This work is required only on the engine distributor without the catalyst. For faultless development of a spark at some point, between four tops of a rotor of the sensor of ignition of the distributor and a motionless stator there should be a gap in limits from 0.3 to 0.5 mm. For measurement uncover the distributor and turn the crankshaft while one top of a rotor will not stand opposite to a stator, apparently from an illustration is lower. Insert into an available gap щуп, as is shown in an illustration. If it is required weaken both bolts (arrow) and shift a stator outside while the gap will not correspond to demanded value. Then again tighten bolts and measure a gap once again.

Gap measurement between a rotor and a stator of the sensor of ignition.

Check of vacuum and centrifugal adjustments

These works also are required only on cars without the catalyst. It is possible to measure vacuum adjustment precisely only by means of electronic devices. However check of operability of the vacuum device can be carried out as follows if there is a stroboscope:


  1. Find a notch in a belt pulley of the crankshaft and mark with paint. For this purpose it is necessary to unscrew the screwed plates to reach a belt pulley.
  2. Connect a stroboscope according to the instruction to it and start the engine. Leave to work the engine idling.
  3. Increase number of turns of the engine, directing a beam of a lamp of a stroboscope on a remenny pulley of the crankshaft. The notch thus starts to be displaced that at first is caused by operation of the mechanism of a centrifugal regulator.
  4. Ask the assistant to disconnect a hose from the distributor of ignition and thus to watch a label on a belt pulley. If a hose to disconnect and again to connect, the label on a belt pulley in a beam of a stroboscope should move there-here.
  5. If it and movement occurs without breakthroughs, it is possible to assume that vacuum adjustment works normally.
  6. Otherwise the vacuum device can be damaged. Also vacuum hose can have not tight places. For check of the centrifugal mechanism, first uncover the distributor and grasp a begunok shown on an illustration below in a way. Turn a begunok to the left and again release. Begunok should come back to former situation immediately.
Check centrifugal грузиков distributor.
  1. Start the engine and again direct a stroboscope lamp on a pulley. At different number of turns the label should move in a beam of a lamp of a stroboscope that shows for operation of the adjusting mechanism, however this check does not show, whether adjustment is correctly carried out at various number of turns. It is possible to measure it precisely only by means of the special device.

Distributor repair

Repair of the distributor of ignition of transistor or electronic system of ignition is not spent now therefore descriptions of these works are not provided. In case of serious damages the distributor should be replaced.