Nissan Primera

1990-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Nissan Primera
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The thermostat is in the case which on the injector and carburetor engine is established in different places. On the carburetor engine it is screwed on the water pump, and on an illustration this execution is shown. On all engines there is a thermostat cover to which the water hose is connected.

Separate elements of the module of the thermostat on the carburetor engine

1 — the thermostat case
2 — the thermostat
3 — the union of an admission of water
4 — the tip and a thermoswitch
5 — a bolt, 6.5 – 8.5 N • m
6 — the water pump

It is necessary to remember that the thermostat has an air opening or a small pin which should be on the top party.

The thermostat can be checked, having suspended it on a wire in capacity with cold water, as is shown in an illustration below.

Thermostat check. To suspend the thermostat and the thermometer in a specified way in capacity and to heat up water.

Watch, that the thermostat did not concern a bottom and vessel walls.


  1. Lower in water the thermometer. Gradually heat up water and notice, at what temperature the thermostat starts to open. It should occur at 76.5 ° S.Pri temperature 90 ° About the thermostat should be completely open.
  2. At installation of the thermostat take it in a hand and define, where there is a ventilating opening or a pin. The opening or a pin should be from above. Thermostats can be designated by an arrow or an inscription of "TORAHS" also. The arrow should indicate up.
  3. Clear all sealing surfaces of the remains of old consolidation and to put a hermetic strip in thickness of 2-3 mm. It belongs to a cover and if it is removed, to the case.
  4. Again screw the case or a case cover.
  5. Modify level of cooling liquid and check system on existence of places of leak.