Nissan Primera

1990-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Nissan Primera
+ Nissan Primera brand Cars
+ Current leaving and service
- Engine
   Removal and engine installation
   Engine dismantling
   Engine assembly
   Head of cylinders and drive of the gas-distributing mechanism
   Pistons and rods
   Crankshaft and crankshaft bearings
   Block of cylinders
   Compression check
   System of greasing of the engine - the general information
   Removal and installation of the pallet of a case
   Oil pump
   Check of pressure of impellent oil
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ System of electric equipment of the engine
+ Manual transmission, differential and main transfer
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Appendices


Block of cylinders

At complete dismantling of the block of cylinders carefully clear the block of cylinders and remove all foreign matters from cavities and oil channels. Watch, that liquid for cleaning was completely removed, at possibility use the compressed air. The special tsiferblatny indicator is necessary for measurement of cylinders (see an illustration below) by means of which it is possible to measure the middle and the lower part.

Cylinder measurement by means of an internal micrometer.

If the indicator is not present, the following works be executed cannot. Measurements of cylinders should be made in the longitudinal and cross-section direction (the illustration is lower). Also it is necessary to consider distinctions between the injector and carburetor engine.

Chart of measurements of the block of cylinders. To make measurements at levels And, In and With and in the directions "X-X" and "Y-Y".


  1. On the injector engine measurement should be made according to an illustration above, i.e. in 10 mm, 60 mm and 100 mm from the upper edge. Make measurements in the directions "X" and "Y".
  2. On the carburetor engine the first measurement is made in 20 mm from the upper edge of the cylinder, the others as in the previous point.
  3. In total 6 measurements on each cylinder are required. Write down all values and compare to values in Specifications at the beginning of Head. Thanks to exact measurements are defined ovality (a difference between the And and In sizes) and a konusnost (a difference between values of the top and bottom measurements). It is necessary to remember that all cylinders should be chiseled, even only if one cylinder lies out of admissible limits. The deviation from the demanded sizes on 0.04 mm is admissible. The repair sizes of pistons are available in Specifications at the beginning of Head. Final diameter of the cylinder is determined by piston measurement according to an illustration below, i.e. captures of a micrometer are established in 9.5 mm (the carburetor engine) or 11.0 mm (the injector engine) from bottom edge of the piston at an angle 90 ° to a piston finger. By this size add value of a gap 0.010 - 0.030 mm (the injector engine) or 0.015 - 0.035 mm (the carburetor engine). Besides it is necessary to consider addition of 0.02 mm for final polishing of cylinders. For check of a gap of pistons measure the piston and the cylinder as it was described and calculate a difference between the sizes for each cylinder.
Measurement of diameter of the piston. The size "a" for the injector and carburetor engine not the identical.
  1. If there is no experience in measurement, the block should be carried in a special workshop and to make measurement there.
    For descriptive reasons it is possible to draw the sketch and to write down results of measurements there. The difference between top and bottom measurements reflects a konusnost. The difference between cross-section and longitudinal measurements reflects ovality. Anywhere diameter should not differ from demanded value more than on 0.04 mm.
  2. On the top surface of the block of cylinders figures which point to a class of the sizes of pistons are beaten out. At replacement of the block of cylinders pistons of the corresponding class of the sizes should be established. Check a surface of the block of cylinders on deformation existence, as is shown in an illustration below.

Measurement of deformation of a surface of the block of cylinders

1 — щуп
2 — a steel ruler
  1. For this purpose impose on a block surface a steel ruler (2) and measure a gap with the help щупа (1). Measure the block in the longitudinal cross-section and diagonal directions, as is shown in the small chart. The most admissible size makes 0.10 mm. It is necessary to remember that the head and the block of cylinders can be прошлифованы in total no more than on 0.2 mm. If a head to grind it is not necessary it is necessary to check height of a head of cylinders, the size is specified in Specifications at the beginning of Head. If the block of cylinders after polishing has height less admissible, it should be replaced.