Nissan Primera

1990-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Nissan Primera
+ Nissan Primera brand Cars
+ Current leaving and service
- Engine
   Removal and engine installation
   Engine dismantling
   Engine assembly
   Head of cylinders and drive of the gas-distributing mechanism
   Pistons and rods
   Crankshaft and crankshaft bearings
   Block of cylinders
   Compression check
   System of greasing of the engine - the general information
   Removal and installation of the pallet of a case
   Oil pump
   Check of pressure of impellent oil
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ System of electric equipment of the engine
+ Manual transmission, differential and main transfer
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Appendices


Engine dismantling

The top part of a final collector and the details which were by a row on the SR20DE engine

1 — the injection gate
2 — consolidation of round section, always to replace
3 — consolidation of round section, always to replace
4 — a bolt, 3-4 N • m
5 — rubber laying
6 — a nut, 18-21 N • m
7 — a bolt, 20-25 N • m
8 — a bolt, 18-22 N • m

9 — a drum of a drive of a butterfly valve
10 — rubber laying
11 — the top part of a final collector
12 — collector laying
13 — a bolt, 6-8 N • m
14 — laying
15 — a nut, 18-21 N • m

The lower part of an inlet collector and the details which were by a row

1 — a support of an inlet collector
2 — a bolt, 16-21 N • m
3 — the butterfly valve case
4 — a bolt, 16-21 N • m
5 — a support of an inlet collector
6 — the lower part of an inlet collector
7 — vacuum hoses
8 — laying
9 — the transistor

10 — a bolt, 16-21 N • m
11 — a support of an inlet collector
12 — an air regulator
13 — the valve of additional air
14 — a bolt, 6-8 N • m
15 — a support of an inlet collector
16 — a bolt, 16-21 N • m
17 — a bolt, 6-8 N • m


  1. Before dismantling of the engine it is necessary to clear carefully all external surfaces to remove dirt or oil. The special attention should be turned on sealing surfaces that extraneous subjects could not get to the engine at separation of sealing surfaces. Fix the engine at the assembly stand. If the stand is not present, establish the engine on a workbench to prop up sideways wooden whetstones so that it did not fall. In the subsequent description the general process of dismantling at first is described. Then separate constructive groups will be separately described.
  2. In case of the established manual transmission evenly cross-wise weaken coupling bolts. Bolts turn out completely only after stress of a diafragmenny spring of coupling will be removed. Remove coupling, take out a conducted disk from a flywheel and put aside details. If the conducted disk has satisfactory appearance, do not touch it dirty hands.
  3. In case of the established automatic transmission remove the torque converter. These works are described in Head Automatic transmission.
  4. Overturn the engine and unscrew a stopper of a masloslivny opening on the bottom party of the pallet of a case.
  5. Unscrew the oil filter a special key. If the special key is not present, hammer sideways into the filter a powerful screw-driver and, using its handle as the lever, unscrew the filter. The filter at once will throw out.
  6. Disconnect cables of ignition and uncover the distributor with cables (cast away spring clips of a cover).
  7. Turn the crankshaft while the piston of the 1st cylinder will not be in the provision VMT of the end of a step. For this purpose turn the crankshaft having stopped up with a thumb an opening of a candle of the 1st cylinder (a candle to unscrew). When the finger will feel pressure, and the label on a belt pulley of the crankshaft will stand in the situation represented on an illustration, i.e. opposite to a label «0», position of the crankshaft the correct.
The piston of the 1st cylinder is in situation VMT if the label "0" coincides with an index edge.
  1. By means of a chertilka to carry out the line on an external edge of the distributor of ignition opposite to an edge the begunka. At installation it is required to establish the distributor in this situation.
  2. Weaken a bolt of the distributor of ignition and take out it.
  3. Unscrew other spark plugs.
  4. Unscrew топливопроводы, vacuum pipelines and other additional elements from the engine.
  5. Unscrew a cover of a head of cylinders and a maslootrazhatel.
  6. Unscrew support of a final collector. On the engine of SR20DE 4 support, on the SR20Di engine one support.
  7. Unscrew an inlet pipe and the details which were by a row. At the SR20DE engine the inlet pipeline consists of two parts on which the Top part of a final collector and the details which were by a row on the SR20DE engine and the Lower part of an inlet collector and the details which were by a number of a detail are placed represented on illustrations. Unscrew details while both parts of the pipeline it will be impossible to separate and unscrew from the engine. Remove all released laying. On the SR20Di engine the integral inlet pipeline is used. The case of a butterfly valve is screwed on the inlet pipeline and can be unscrewed previously. Near the pipeline various details which can be unscrewed are located.
  8. On other party of the engine unscrew a cover of a final collector and then remove a collector. From this party of the engine remove also a bracket of a suspension bracket of the generator, a tension bracket of a driving belt of the generator the compressor console (if it is established), the case of release of system of cooling and a masloizmeritelny core.
  9. On the carburetor engine unscrew the inlet pipeline together with the carburetor and put aside. Mark the separate hoses connected to the carburetor before disconnecting them. The valve of adjustment of composition of the fulfilled gases and the fuel pump also are on this party. Unscrew a final collector after removal of the heat-shielding screen. Weaken and take out three screwed in in the inlet pipeline of the union. A lambda probe it is screwed also in in a collector.
  10. Remove a chain drive and cam-shafts as it is described in the Section the Head of cylinders and a drive of the gas-distributing mechanism. This operation also includes removal of a belt pulley of the crankshaft.
  11. The following the head of cylinders acts in film. As this work is close to removal of a driving chain, they are described together in the Section compression Check. It is necessary to notice now already that bolts of a head of cylinders should have a certain length to use them again.
  12. It is necessary to remember it at removal and installation of a head of cylinders. Before performing the following works, it is necessary to mark adjusting position of pistons, rods, bearings and covers of bearings. It is possible to scratch number of the cylinder on pistons (not too deeply). Rods and covers of bearings mark or a center punch, or spread out all details on a workbench so that not to mix them.
  13. Unscrew the case pallet. Thus turn the engine so that the pallet was from below. The deposit of oil should not get in the engine.
  14. Unscrew a grid of a soaking-up branch pipe. As it is possible to see the pallet of a case of the injector engine consists of two parts, however for dismantling of the engine it can be removed as a unit. In the Section System of greasing of the engine - the general information more detailed description of this work is given.
  15. Clamp the hammer handle between the crankshaft and a wall of a case and weaken serially flywheel bolts. Bring down a flywheel a rubber hammer watch, that it did not fall. If the automatic transmission is established, in the same way remove a driving disk of the converter of a torque.
  16. Turn the crankshaft while all pistons will not be approximately on a half of the level and carefully remove a shaber products of combustion of oil on the top party of cylinders, without having damaged thus an opening.
  17. Substitute under the engine big capacity and collect the remained oil, and cooling liquid which was in the block.
  18. Unscrew from the block of cylinders a back cover and remove laying.
  19. Serially unscrew covers of shatunny bearings. Slightly knock on a cover with a rubber hammer and take out a cover together with loose leaves. Usually covers and rods are designated by figures from 1 to 4, however surely it is necessary to check, whether there are these designations.
  20. To Vytolknita pistons with rods from below from cylinders. For simplification of removal two pistons should be in situation NMT. After that at once fix covers with loose leaves on the corresponding rods.
  21. Remove the crankshaft. Support of the crankshaft differ at injector and carburetor engines. Removal of a shaft is in detail described for both executions in the Section Crankshaft and crankshaft bearings.