Nissan Primera

1990-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Nissan Primera
+ Nissan Primera brand Cars
+ Current leaving and service
- Engine
   Removal and engine installation
   Engine dismantling
   Engine assembly
   Head of cylinders and drive of the gas-distributing mechanism
   Pistons and rods
   Crankshaft and crankshaft bearings
   Block of cylinders
   Compression check
   System of greasing of the engine - the general information
   Removal and installation of the pallet of a case
   Oil pump
   Check of pressure of impellent oil
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ System of electric equipment of the engine
+ Manual transmission, differential and main transfer
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Appendices


Oil pump

Removal and pump installation


  1. Removal and installation of the oil pump on the injector and carburetor engine is carried out equally.
  2. Remove all driving belts on the face party of the engine.
  3. Remove a head of cylinders (The section the Head of cylinders and a drive of the gas-distributing mechanism).
  4. Remove the case pallet (The head of System of cooling and heating).
  5. Remove a maslovsasyvayushchy grid and a masloprovodny plate.
  6. Uncover a drive of camshafts (The section the Head of cylinders and a drive of the gas-distributing mechanism).
  7. Disassemble the pump as it will be described in the following chapter.
  8. Before installation of a cover of a drive of cam-shafts remove all remains of hermetic with a shaber. Also clear a surface of a head of cylinders. Cover a cover surface with hermetic and establish all details upside-down.

Partition of the oil pump

Details of the oil pump of the injector engine

1 — a cover of a drive of the distributive mechanism
2 — an internal gear wheel of the pump
3 — an external gear wheel of the pump
4 — the piston of the reduktsionny valve
5 — a press spring
6 — a sealing washer
7 — a stopper

8 — a cover of the oil pump
9 — a bolt, 4-5 N • m
10 — a bolt, 6.5 - 8.5 N • m
11 — a maslovsasyvayushchy grid
12 — a nut, 6.5 - 7.5 N • m
13 — bolts, 13-16 N • m

On an illustration higher the oil pump of the injector engine is represented. On the carburetor engine the same details are used, only gear wheels have other design.


  1. Unscrew a cover from the interior of a cover of a drive of cam-shafts wipe both gear wheels and by means of a small screw-driver make a label on outer side both gear wheel. At the carburetor engine the internal gear wheel has a groove on an external circle which after assembly of the pump should be turned towards a pump cover.
  2. Take out both gear wheels from a pump opening.
  3. Take out the reduktsionny valve after stopper removal with a spring.
  4. Insert both gear wheels back into the case and measure a gap between the top party of the case of the pump and the top party of cogwheels having put a steel ruler and making measurement flat shchupy as is shown in an illustration. The most admissible gap makes 0.10 mm between a ruler both an internal gear wheel and 0.11 mm between a ruler and an external gear wheel. If it is required, the gap can be reduced a little having removed a surface of the case of the pump by means of an emery paper a little.
Measurement of an axial gap by a pump gear wheel by means of a steel ruler (1) and щупа (2).
  1. Insert narrow щуп between outer side of an external gear wheel and a case opening. The gap should not exceed 0.20 mm. On an illustration measurement below is shown. Also, as is shown in an illustration, measure a gap between a teeth lying together. The gap should be less than 0.18 mm.
Measurement of gaps between an external gear wheel of the pump and an opening (1), and also between a teeth a pump (2) gear wheel.
  1. At the pump of the carburetor engine the crescent loose leaf is inserted into the case. Measure at such pump gaps between the loose leaf and a teeth of the corresponding gear wheel and compare to the data provided in Specifications.
  2. If the measured values exceed limit of wear, it is necessary to replace either pump gear wheels, or a cover of a drive of cam-shafts. Assembly of the oil pump is carried out in return sequence. Insert gear wheels according to designations. At an internal gear wheel of the pump on the carburetor engine the gear wheel party with an external groove should be visible before establishing a pump cover. Before installation well grease pump gear wheels that the pump at the first start of the engine did not jam. If details of the reduktsionny valve were replaced, it is necessary to check an opening condition for the valve piston. Screw in a stopper with new laying and tighten with effort of 50-70 N • m (for the injector engine) or 40-60 N • m (for the carburetor engine).