Nissan Primera

1990-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Nissan Primera
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+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
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Both adjusting screws of a headlight are shown on illustrations below. Apparently from illustrations there is a difference between a headlight with adjustment of the direction of a beam or without it. Headlights should be regulated by means of optical devices, only as a last resort it is possible to adjust them make-shifts.

Position of screws of adjustment of a headlight without system of adjustment of an inclination of a beam.
Position of screws of adjustment of a headlight with system of adjustment of an inclination of a beam.


  1. If emergency adjustment is undertaken, establish the car in 5 meters from a wall or gate of garage and draw shown on an illustration below the chart. Adjust headlights so that the average point of a light bunch at the included driving beam of N to a wall was approximately at the same height, as an average point of a headlight. Include a passing beam and to put light border approximately on 65 mm below the mentioned light center.

Chart of adjustment of headlights. The size between shooters at the left above at the Primera models should make 65 mm

H — height of headlights
WL — distance between headlights
P — average points of headlights

  1. To adjust a beam across, rotate the screw shown on the right to regulate a beam down, rotate the screw shown on the left side.
  2. Before regulating headlights, in tires it is necessary to create pressure corresponding to Specifications.
  3. Establish the car on an equal surface, the tank should be filled. As it was already mentioned, the described adjustment only the belt.
  4. At the first possibility of a headlight it is necessary to check and adjust optical devices.

Replacement of lamps in headlights

Replacement of lamps in headlights is carried out from a reverse side of a headlight in an impellent compartment.


  1. After shutdown of the tip remove a cap. For this purpose press a cap inside and turn to the left.
  2. Compress lock springs of a lamp and take out it. Do not touch a new lamp naked fingers.
  3. Make replacement as soon as possible that on a reflector the dust through an opening from a lamp could not get.
  4. Establish a cap in return sequence.
  5. Connect the tip.
  6. In summary check adjustment of headlights and if necessary adjust in a workshop, or temporarily adjust, as it was described in Head the Body.